POUTINE va-t-il s’emparer de Kiev, Karkhov, Odessa, en blitzkrieg finale ? Alors, MM.OBAMA, HOLLANDE, LARCHER, ORBAN, Mme MERKEL : vrai ou faux ? « Prior to the news about the Russian President Vladimir Putin being ‘missing’ and ‘ill’, we even had a good estimate of the start date of the above mentioned operations. According to our own sources in the occupied territories, the dates of March 14-16 have been repeatedly mentioned in the conversations of the Russian mercenaries, with the final sweep of Artemivsk targeted for March 16. Moreover, the local population of the cities and towns listed as the potential targets received multiple text messages from their relatives fighting on the insurgents’ side, warning them to leave their residences during that specific period. Our conclusion is that the operation would begin on the morning of March 14, most likely, at 5 am Moscow time (4 am in Kyiv — a classic choice). »

Source : https://en.informnapalm.org/informnapalm-summary-tactical-situation-and-forecast-of-possible-enemy-action/


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