« … On Friday, I spoke with Akhmed Zakaev, head of the Chechen government in exile, who is based in London, and he stressed that Kadyrov would never embark on a mission to kill such a prominent figure as Boris Nemtsov without Putin’s approval. Kadyrov, he said, “can do what he wants in Chechnya, but not in Moscow or Russia. It is most likely that Nemtsov was assassinated because it was Putin’s wish.” …To make matters worse for Putin, on Friday Kadyrov affirmed his admiration for Dadayev—and his lethal fighting skills—on instagram: “He is a real warrior and patriot. In one battle alone…he destroyed eight of the most dangerous terrorists.” Kadyrov added that he himself was completely devoted to President Putin and was ready until the end of his days to fight against Russia’s “enemies.”… Zakaev told me that Putin probably gave Kadyrov the medal of honor days after the Chechen arrests as a way to send a message to Russia’s security officials that “Kadyrov is not to be touched.”… »

Source : http://www.nybooks.com/blogs/nyrblog/2015/mar/15/nemtsov-kremlin-conspiracy-gone-wrong/


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