« Putin: We Have The Best Army In The World » – Les pays de l’OTAN, tous les pays de l’Asie du Sud-Est, la Corée et le Japon, devraient reconnaître les droits de la Chine sur la Sibérie. Carte des transferts de troupes russes vers l’Ukraine :

Source : http://uk.businessinsider.com/putin-we-have-the-best-army-in-the-world-2014-12?r=US

En 1689, la Russie a reconnu que le Bassin de l’Amour, sauf sa partie ouest à l’est de l’Argun, était chinoise. « The Treaty of Nerchinsk of 1689 (Russian: Нерчинский договор; Chinese: 尼布楚條約; pinyin: Níbùchǔ Tiáoyuē) was the first treaty between Russia and China. The Russians gave up the area north of the Amur River as far as the Stanovoy Mountains [bordure nord du bassin de l’Amour] and kept the area between the Argun River and Lake Baikal. This border along the Argun River and Stanovoy Mountains lasted until the Amur Annexation in 1860. » Source wikipedia.

Source : https://goupillon.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/russia-strategic-analysis/

« To better understand what Russia is capable of it is worthwhile to consider Phillip Karber’s, President of the Potomac Foundation, recent address at CSIS’s Russian Military Forum. One picture stands out as stark revelation of the Russian commitment to Ukraine: 66 divisions/brigades from all over the sprawling Russian Federation have contributed to 48 batallion tactical groups (BTG) deployed to the Ukrainian venture, representing the crême de la crême of Russia’s readily available capability. Also overlooked and carefully disguised by Russia, thousands, 5,000 or more, of the best Russian troops have died in Ukraine and four times as many have become casualties, seriously degrading Russia’s combat capability.

Screenshot from Phillip Karber's presentation

The picture also reveals Russia’s strategic force disposition: a minority of troops and equipment is stationed along the far Eastern border and long south expanse against China and the Orient whereas a majority of forces are allocated to the Caucasus and European vectors. This is unsurprising yet often overlooked: Russia turns its best units against the West while only barely keeping up appearances everywhere else. »


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