Bientôt, la Nuit des Longs Couteaux : « … ▪ The incident is one manifestation of a conflict between the Chechen leader and the Russian law enforcement agencies. This conflict has escalated since the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Russian law enforcement agencies have blamed this murder on people linked to Kadyrov, who has been accused of hiding the suspects (for example, Ruslan Geremeyev, the commander of Battalion ”Sever” in which the main suspect, Zaur Dadayev, served). These agencies (like other federal government bodies) are watching Moscow’s loosening grip on the government in Grozny with concern. This is resulting in Chechnya drifting further and further adrift of the Russian legal area. What causes their disapproval are the ambitions of the Chechen leader, who would like to see himself as a politician with regional impact, and his efforts to take over the monopoly on the use of violence in the republic. The contacts Grozny keeps with the Chechen diaspora abroad (Europe and the Middle East) and the expanding area of activity of Chechen criminal groups linked to Kadyrov are other dangerous elements from the point of view of the law enforcement agencies. They perceive this situation as a new incarnation of Chechen separatism… »

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