Alors, MM.OBAMOU et KERRY, MM.SARKOLLANDE et LARCHER, Mme MERKEL : officiellement complices de POUTINE, façon conférences d’Evian et des Bermudes pour la SHOAH et Rwanda 1990-avril 1994 ? Le Blacklist absolu sur l’HOLODOMOR est la clé de compréhension.

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« … Taken together, the 64-page report is the most complete compilation of Moscow’s culpability for its 15-month war in eastern Ukraine, as well as its military invasion and annexation of Crimea. The explosive findings that Nemtsov started to uncover are why he was killed only steps from the Kremlin, his supporters believe.

The account says that Russia has spent about $1.3 billion in the last 10 months to wage the war, including supplying soldiers and weapons.

The report also estimates that two battles alone, in Illovaisk in August and Debaltseve in February, cost the lives of at least 220 Russian soldiers. Many more Ukrainian soldiers were killed in those Donetsk Oblast cities, both of which ended in stinging defeats and retreats for Ukraine.

The authors also say that advanced Russia-made weapons not available on the export market are being used in Ukraine.

Kremlin-backed separatists most likely used a Russian Buk missile system to shoot down the Malaysian Airlines passenger plane in July, killing all 298 people on board, it found.

Moreover, the Kremlin directly commands the combined Russian-separatist forces, according to one of the findings… »


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